Curiosities Of Very Famous Movies That Almost Nobody Knows:

Some of the most famous films in the history of cinema also harbor certain curiosities that would take more than one person’s sleep. We review some of the most surprising movies and that very few know.

We all know that cinema is full of interesting anecdotes that occur throughout its all types of filming like horror movies, trivia questions and answers type movies and many more.

These movies are anecdotes more than curious because the horror cinema itself often goes beyond what is imaginable by many of the human minds, so we find more than rare things in a set of the filming of a horror movie.

Poltergeist used real skeletons on his shoot:

Poltergeist, despite its already lustrous years, is the most realistic film, and that is due to this pair of curiosities from famous films that we are going to tell you about. Do you remember the realistic skeletons of the muddy pool where Diane falls? What realism they had … just because they were real, the producers hired a medical supply company to bring in real skeletons because they were cheaper.

Young witches consulted with real witches:

When you make a movie about lawyers, you consult with lawyers. When the movie is about cops, you consult with cops. But if the movie is about witchcraft and spells … of course, you consult witches. And so is the next curiosity from famous movies. The film Young and Witches consulted with Pat Devin, considered a high priestess of Wicca, a Neo-pagan religion that practices occultism and witchcraft.

In Candyman, they used real bees:

The subject of realism without digital effects got out of hand in the filming of Candyman: The domain of the mind. The next horror movie curiosity is not for the heart. And if the bees that were used in the film seemed realistic to you, it is because they basically are.

To avoid unwanted accidents, the bees that Tony Todd puts in his mouth were newborns, although they are larger on-screen thanks to the camera game.

Chocolate and real meat syrup was used on The Night of the Living Dead:

Classic horror cinema has a lot of curiosities in its films. The Night of the Living Dead is one of many that used chocolate syrup at that time to simulate blood, since it had a similar density and on-screen, being black and white, it was not noticeable.

The main problem occurs in the truck scene when the extras were forced to eat the chocolate and ham pieces, and these are covered with the animal organs. This thing is really and according to the makeup team they looked like a living dead.

A real serial killer in The Exorcist:

And now our main course friends. Yes! Let’s talk about The Exorcist! If you have never heard urban legends … or not so legends, around this film, its filming and its equipment, it is that you have lived under a stone. But let’s go for the most chilling curiosity of all. During the filming of The Exorcist, William Friedkin employed a real serial killer who appears in the film.

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